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anjibee @ 12:25 am: Wiley's site et al
Finally dawned on me that I hadn't seen a post from Wiley on my friend's list in a dog's day, so I popped over the the land of the dead to see if he's been blogging. Of course he had, so I don't know what's up with the syndicated feed here on poopy livejournal! Oh well, it never worked right, anyway... It's just so much easier than checking his site every day like a fucking stalker. I always miss something cool if I don't, though.

For instance, I see that he quit his job, as he said he would. There was an audio file announcement, even. He also posted an online resume, which was fun. I had no idea it was Aspyr he was working at! I wouldn't say I'm a Simaholic, but I do Sim pretty heavily from time to time... I noticed that he had a 2 page Sims screen capture black comic. I don't know if I missed it before, or if it's new. Better yet, though, he's put up some QuickTime files of underground films that I thought I'd never get to see. *So* happy I have DSL.

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Date:April 5th, 2011 07:14 pm (UTC)

mia harrison

hi wiley, how r u? this is mia in englewood colorado ... i am homeless still dreaming about my dream on being a model i see you in the future write to me if you want at miaharrison89@yahoo.com. i have been threw hell...ha ha Narf :D
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