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June 12th, 2016

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June 11th, 2016

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April 4th, 2005

cobweb_grey @ 02:56 am: random hello
hey there
does anybody even post to this any more? i guess not :)
anyway. i like wiley...and that's that.

January 11th, 2004

peppermintkiss_ @ 03:15 pm: hey, i'm new to lj and quickly joined some communities so i could get to know some people. i was surprised, relieved, and grateful that i wasn't the only person that loved wiley wiggins and their was a community devoted to him.

i love dazed and confused, boys, and waking life. his writing is amazing. plus he's completely adorable (am i the only person that thinks this?). definitely one of my favorite people of all-time.

ps. want to be my friend?

Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
Current Music: bright eyes-i dont know when but a day is gonna come

December 29th, 2003

dcmare84 @ 07:38 pm: Just wanted to say Hi! I'm new to the community and just wanted to get myself out there. Amazing community, thus the reason why I joined. So hope to meet amazing people and what not :) I'll write a well-written entry when I can ..See-ya!

December 21st, 2003

the_day_brings_ @ 11:51 pm: waking life is an awesome movie. the fist time i watched it, i watched it twice in a row. ahha. it opened my eyes to new things and made me explore reality and dreams. in a way it made me more intelectual and such. i really love that movie and i appreciate it for both the amazing animation and the great message of the movie. this is my first post and i jsut wanted to express my appreciation for waking life.

December 1st, 2003

dreambar @ 02:38 pm: world-famous clam chowder.
hello all, my name is caitlin and i have been a fan of wiley since the first time he pinched the space between his eyebrows as "serious acting" in dazed and confused. the summer before last i discovered "land of the dead", and after reading one entry i decided to send him an e-mail...

Dear World Famous Clam Chowder,
Just recently digested every morsel of your website and decided that you are:
A) Freaked out on a collection of medicinal drugs
B) Playing the biggest mind-fuck with any willing partner
C) My God
Unfortunately for you, I am atheistic.
- caitlin

afterwords, mr. wiggins replied:

I guess I'll take the vote for godhood as a compliment.
As for the drugs. I pretty much stick to Emergen'C and Orudis KT. I would list coffee as well but my fiance doesn't have a coffee maker for some damn reason, so I don't get much any more. I'm far too neurotic to do most recreational drugs any more. Today I almost jumped out of a car because I smelled something funny.
Anyway, thanky for the mail.

it's pretty sad that he's engaged (married?).

Current Mood: calmcalm

October 1st, 2003

anjibee @ 12:25 am: Wiley's site et al
Finally dawned on me that I hadn't seen a post from Wiley on my friend's list in a dog's day, so I popped over the the land of the dead to see if he's been blogging. Of course he had, so I don't know what's up with the syndicated feed here on poopy livejournal! Oh well, it never worked right, anyway... It's just so much easier than checking his site every day like a fucking stalker. I always miss something cool if I don't, though.

For instance, I see that he quit his job, as he said he would. There was an audio file announcement, even. He also posted an online resume, which was fun. I had no idea it was Aspyr he was working at! I wouldn't say I'm a Simaholic, but I do Sim pretty heavily from time to time... I noticed that he had a 2 page Sims screen capture black comic. I don't know if I missed it before, or if it's new. Better yet, though, he's put up some QuickTime files of underground films that I thought I'd never get to see. *So* happy I have DSL.

Current Mood: sicksick

September 29th, 2003

onemoreday @ 10:44 pm: i <3 wiley but all my friends think i'm silly.
its nice to know other people out there are fans too.

haha like 2 months later i realize i worte willy instead of wiley...oh my =\

Current Music: the blues the tv series.
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